HEARTH, Simon Pettet


Simon Pettet

Publisher: Talisman House, Publishers
PubDate: 12/15/2008
ISBN: 9781584980612
Price: $17.95
Quantity Available: 22
Pages: 178
SKU #: J14C

Poetry. "'Heart' and 'Earth,' the obvious scenery as Simon's I-liner trips us through the decades, sometimes blind-embossing a snapshot, sometimes looking at himself observing it, sometimes spattering it.with apposite allusion. Take the ride and enjoy the scene"--Tom Raworth. "In these mostly unabashedly lyrical poems Simon Pettet flaunts his proud independence of current poetic fashions, like a dragonfly shimmering and hovering"--Gerrit Lansing. "The complete works so far of contemporary American and British poetry's most meticulous craftsperson. We dig the purity, dogged love, and artistic devotion of this rare personage. A highly recommended volume"--Alice Notley. "I highly recommend Simon Pettet's new collected, HEARTH. His poetry is always insightful, ardent, playful, right on the spot, and ahead of the current"--Joanne Kyger.

Simon Pettet's many books include his Selected Poems and More Winnowed Fragments, both published by Talisman. He edited The Selected Art Writings of James Schuyler and collaborated with Duncan Hannah on Abundant Treasures and with Rudy Burckhardt on Conversations About Everything and Talking Pictures. British by birth, he lives in New York City.

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