The Spiritual Life of Replicants, Murat Nemet-Nejat

The Spiritual Life of Replicants

Murat Nemet-Nejat

Publisher: Talisman House, Publishers
PubDate: 7/5/2011
ISBN: 9781584980810
Price: $14.95
Quantity Available: 13
Pages: 96
SKU #: E08C

Poetry. "In THE SPIRITUAL LIFE OF REPLICANTS Murat Nemet-Nejat has found a way to filter the 'peripheral relationship of consciousness to wider natural forces' through a playful, deftly imaginative and nonetheless searing and immediate extended meditation on the binding necessity of disappearance [that] sounds, images, and physical forms must contend with. The book's elaborate Film Lumiere form makes room for transformative interplay between lyric, prose, page-as-visual-field, collaboration, translation, and something like speculative sensory observation, which honors the insights on perception made by directors such as Bresson and Brakhage while clearing a vast and vital space for poetry. THE SPIRITUAL LIFE OF REPLICANTS feels to me, on the level of feeling bringing about events, like a total breakthrough for the present art"—Anselm Berrigan.

Author City: HOBOKEN, NJ USA

Poet, translator and essayist, Murat Nemet-Nejat edited and largely translated EDA: AN ANTHOLOGY OF CONTEMPORARY TURKISH POETRY (2004), translated Orhan Veli's I, ORHAN VELI (1989), Ece Ayhan's A Blind Cat Black and Orthodoxies (1997), and Seyhan Erözçelik's ROSESTRIKES AND COFFEE GROUNDS (2010). He is the author of THE PERIPHERAL SPACE OF PHOTOGRAPHY (2004) and, recently, THE SPIRITUAL LIFE OF REPLICANTS (2011).

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