The Tiger Is the World, Tomislav Marijan Bilosnic

The Tiger Is the World

Tomislav Marijan Bilosnic

Publisher: Xenos Books
PubDate: 8/15/2012
ISBN: 9781879378605
Binding: Paperback
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Pages: 114
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Poetry. Translated from the Croatian by Đurđa Vukelić-Rožić and Karl Kvitko. THE TIGER IS THE WORLD is a cycle of poems and prose poems in five parts inspired by the ferocity, willfulness and beauty of the tiger. By turns playful, dark, autobiographical, rapturous and mystical, the poems seek the nature of the beast, who comes to the poet and takes over his heart and mind. Speaking with disarming love and sincerity, the distinguished Croatian poet Tomislav Marijan Bilosnić describes the awesome physical presence of the great cat, his dominance in the jungle, his loneliness, his incorporation into human speech and culture, his distortion and persecution by humankind and his ultimate extinction.

Author City: Zadar CRO

Tomislav Marijan Bilosnić (pronounced "BEE‑los‑neetch") was born in Zadar, Croatia, in 1947 and completed his university education there, after which he traveled widely and worked in many professions: construction worker, waiter, driver, accountant, reporter, administrator, sales manager. He has published a hundred books in various genres: poetry, fiction, criticism, essays, travel and children's literature. He is also a well-exhibited artist and photographer. He has founded and/or edited many journals, magazines and newspapers, among them The Zadar Review, The Blue Herald and The Dandelion, a children's magazine. He served for many years as press secretary for the International Festival of Children in Šibenik and was a founder and first director of the annual Festival of Zadar song contest. He is a member of the Society of Croatian Veterans of the Homeland War, the Society of Croatian Writers and the Society of Croatian Haiku Poets. He is a frequent presence in the Croatian national media—newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television and online events. His work has been translated into thirteen languages. Recent titles include Ljubavni slučaj pisca/An Author's Love Affair (a novel, 2001), Metamorfoze/Metamorphoses (drawings-poems, 2004), Gledajte tamo onaj grad/Look at That Town (articles, 2005) and Afrika/Africa (poems, 2012). Tigar, pjesme, here translated as THE TIGER IS THE WORLD, was published in Zadar in 2004. This is the first translation of Bilosnić into English. 

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