Jayson Iwen

Publisher: Cleveland State University Poetry Center
PubDate: 1/15/2008
ISBN: 9781880834763
Price: $15.95
Quantity Available: 28
Pages: 65
SKU #: L06D

Fiction. "I've never read anything quite like A MOMENTARY JOKEBOOK. It is wonderfully intelligent, terribly funny, thought provoking, often wise and always compelling. Think Milan Kundera meets South Park. What unifies this wide ranging work is Jayson Iwen's fresh approach to form and language, and his ability to surprise us and turn us on our heads"--Tom Barbash, author of The Last Good Chance.

Author City: BELOIT, WI USA

In 2006 Jayson Iwen returned from four years teaching at the American University of Beirut. He then worked in the medical software industry for over a year before joining the English Department at Beloit College. His book-length poem, Six Trips in Two Directions, won the Emergency Press book contest in 2005, and his experimental novella, A MOMENTARY JOKEBOOK, won the Cleveland State University novella contest in 2007.

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