Acts of Levitation, Laynie Browne

Acts of Levitation

Laynie Browne

Publisher: Spuyten Duyvil
PubDate: 10/10/2003
ISBN: 9781881471943
Price: $14.00
Quantity Available: 1
Pages: 230
SKU #: M07D

Fiction. Amelia has the ability to levitate. During her wanderings through dream galleries, costumed performances, and future libraries she meets Clara (an elusive photographer), Sebastion (part human, part lion) and a chorus of cynics who exist only in partial bodies. "Part mystery and part Oz story, ACTS OF LEVITATION is a narrative of exquisite disappearances and re-appearances... As always, Laynie Browne's work is ephemeral, complex, and alluring"--Lisa Jarnot.


Laynie Browne was born and grew up in Los Angeles. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, and Brown University and was awarded The Gertrude Stein Award in Innovative Poetry three times. She is the author of a novel and nine collections of poetry, most recently P R A C T I C E (SplitLevel Texts, 2015), LOST PARKOUR PS(ALMS) (Presses Universitaires de Rouen, 2014), ROSEATE, POINTS OF GOLD (Dusie Press, 2011), THE DESIRES OF LETTERS (Counterpath Press, 2010), THE SCENTED FOX (Wave Books, 2007, winner of the National Poetry Series), and DAILY SONNETS (Counterpath Press, 2007). She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons, after having spent periods in her life in New York City, Seattle and Tucson, Arizona.

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