This Can't Be Life, Dana Ward

This Can't Be Life

Dana Ward

Publisher: Edge Books
PubDate: 1/17/2012
ISBN: 9781890311339
Price: $20.00
Quantity Available: 41
Pages: 132
SKU #: B08D

Poetry. THIS CAN'T BE LIFE is Dana Ward's first full-length collection of poetry. Although some of this writing may look like prose, everything here is written both AS, and under the sign of, "poetry." THIS CAN'T BE LIFE is an infinite frame-dissolve between art and life engined by the thoughts and feelings associated with the relationship between mortality and politics. These things, working together and against one another, constitute the funeral fun-house physics which delimit the (temporary) reality in which the book operates. Following Notley and Kerouac, Ward's poetics is a generative problematics of voice in which "the counter-poised figures of porousness, multiplicity, & instability are first principals."


Dana Ward is the author of several poetry books including THE CRISIS OF INFINITE WORLDS (Futurepoem Books, 2013), Some Other Deaths of Bas Jan Ader (Flowers & Cream Press, 2013), and THIS CAN'T BE LIFE (Edge Books, 2012). He lives in Cincinnati where he hosts the Cy Press Poetry @ Thunder Sky reading series, and edits, along with Paul Coors, Perfect Lovers Press.

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