So Spoke Penelope, Tino Villanueva

So Spoke Penelope

Tino Villanueva

Publisher: Grolier Poetry Press
PubDate: 1/22/2013
ISBN: 9781891592027
Binding: Paperback
Price: $17.00
Quantity Available: 9
Pages: 60
SKU #: I13A

Poetry. "Tino Villanueva's new collection of poems is special among examples of the literary reception of Homer's Odyssey. It is the most extensive and intensive effort to give the longing wife of Odysseus a poetic voice of her own throughout the twenty years of her waiting during her husband's absence from home."—Wolfgang Haase

"An intense poetic hovering over a situation of prolonged expectation....The poems in SO SPOKE PENELOPE are simply amazing, whether in the form of an apostrophe to the absent Odysseus or to the Gods, whether in a narrative past-tense mode or in the immediacy of the lived present, whether in the staccato of monosyllables or in the exuberance of unusual compounds, whether they employ Greek-feeling pentameter lines, alliteration, or anaphora. This poetic cycle shows that the whole range of human experience is contained in Penelope of Ithaca."—Werner Sollors

Author City: BOSTON, MA USA

Tino Villanueva is the author of seven books of poetry, among them SO SPOKE PENELOPE (Grolier Poetry Press, 2013), SHAKING OFF THE DARK (Bilingual Review Press, 1998); Crónica de mis años peores (1987) / Chronicle of My Worst Years (1994); Scene from the Movie GIANT (1993), which won a 1994 American Book Award; and PRIMERA CAUSA / FIRST CAUSE (Cross- Cultural Communications, 1999), a chapbook on memory and writing. Villanueva has taught creative writing at the University of Texas-Austin, The College of William & Mary, and Bowdoin College. His artwork has appeared on the covers and pages of national and international journals such as Nexos, Green Mountains Review, TriQuarterly, Parnassus, and MELUS. He teaches in the Department of Romance Studies at Boston University.  

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