The Long March Home, Zoe S Roy

The Long March Home

Zoe S Roy

Publisher: Inanna Publications
PubDate: 11/22/2011
ISBN: 9781926708270
Price: $22.95
Quantity Available: 31
Pages: 260
SKU #: A01A

Fiction. Asian American Studies. THE LONG ROAD HOME is the story of three generations of women, beginning with a grandmother who as a young woman went to China as a Canadian missionary nurse and fell in love with a Chinese medical student acting as her interpreter. Shortly after anti-western sentiment sends her home to Nova Scotia, she discovers she is pregnant. Attempts by her, and later their daughter, to contact him fail. Her daughter, Meihua, goes to China to look for her father and winds up marrying a Chinese man and teaching art. The cultural revolution sees her sent to prison as a American spy and anti-revolutionary, and her husband confined to a gulag. Their children, still at home, are raised by the family's illiterate servant, Yao. Yao's crude manner and resourcefulness partly shield Yezi, Meihua's daughter, and the novel's main character, as well as her brother, from family tragedy, poverty and political discrimination, negotiating their survival during the revolution that she barely understands. Only after her mother is released, does Yezi learns about her foreign grandmother, Agnes, who now lives in Boston and has lost contact with the family since Yezi's birth. Curious about her American ancestry, Yezi decides to join her grandmother in the U.S. Reading her grandmother's diaries helps Yezi get to know her grandmother as a young Canadian missionary and her life in China with the man who is her grandfather, and who her mother still longs to find.

Author City: Toronto, ON CAN

Born in China, Zoë S. Roy was an eyewitness to the red terror under Mao's regime. She holds a M.Ed. in Adult Education and an MA in Atlantic Canada Studies from the University of New Brunswick and Saint Mary's University. She lives and works in Toronto as an adult educator. She is the author of an acclaimed collection of short stories, BUTTERFLY TEARS (2009), and two novels, THE LONG MARCH HOME (2011) and CALLS ACROSS THE PACIFIC (2015), all published by Inanna Publications. 

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