Yes Thing No Thing, Edwin Torres

Yes Thing No Thing

Edwin Torres

Publisher: Roof Books
PubDate: 11/9/2010
ISBN: 9781931824415
Price: $14.95
Quantity Available: 22
Pages: 128
SKU #: G18A

Poetry. Edwin Torres's poetry—full of complex graphic experiments and daring sonic explorations—opens new creative possibilities, simultaneously challenging and delighting our intelligence. Coming on strong with humor and mystery, Edwin Torres spins magical multilingual webs of words intended to change the world. "Edwin Torres is our 21st Century Mayakovsky"—Juliana Spahr.

Author City: New York, NY USA

Edwin Torres was born in New York City. His books include YES THING NO THING (Roof Books), IN THE FUNCTION OF EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCES (Nightboat Books), THE POPEDOLOGY OF AN AMBIENT LANGUAGE (Atelos Books), FRACTURED HUMOROUS (Subpress), and THE ALL-UNION DAY OF THE SHOCK WORKER (Roof Books).

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