Wreckage of Reason: Xxperimental Prose by Contemporary Women Writers, Nava Renek, Editor

Wreckage of Reason: Xxperimental Prose by Contemporary Women Writers

Nava Renek, Editor

Publisher: Spuyten Duyvil
PubDate: 6/30/2008
ISBN: 9781933132631
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Pages: 324
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Fiction. WRECKAGE OF REASON incorporates the work of 39 contemporary women writers who are pushing the boundaries of fiction. In this diverse and comprehensive volume, the writers have manipulated traditional ways of storytelling, language, and plot, to express new and distinct ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Narrative form is subverted, provocative subject matter explored, and language takes on a scatological form to depict an authentic human experience that makes reading a truly participatory act. At the conclusion of each work, the contributor has composed a few impressions sharing what inspired her to tell that particular story.

The writers include Lidia Yuknavitch, LilyGrace, Laurie Foos, Kass Fleisher, Barbara Baer, Cynthia Reeves, Lauren Schiffman, Karen Lillis, Megan Milks, Lyn Halper, Fanny Howe, Suki Wessling, Jessica Treat, Shelley Jackson, Laynie Browne, Roni Natov, Cris Mazza, Elizabeth Block, Geri DeLuca, Alicita Rodriguez, Gwen Hart, Masha Tupitsyn, Martha King, Sarah White, Nina Shope, Carmen Firan, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Anna Mockler, Sandra Miller, E.C. Bachner, Tsipi Keller, Summer Brenner, Amina Cain, Karen Brennan, Aimee Parkison, Lily Hoang, Lynda Schor, Danielle Dutton, Danielle Alexander, Debra Di Blasi, and Alexandra Chasin.


Nava Renek is a writer, editor, and educator. Her published works include two novels, SPIRITLAND (Spuyten Duyvil, 2002) and NO PERFECT WORDS (Spuyten Duyvil, 2009), as well as a collection of short stories MATING IN CAPTIVITY (Spuyten Duyvil, 2012). In 2009 she conceived and edited the first volume of WRECKAGE OF REASON: AN ANTHOLOGY OF XXPERIMENTAL PROSE BY CONTEMPORARY WOMEN WRITERS (Spuyten Duyvil, 2008). She works as program coordinator at the Women's Center at Brooklyn College/CUNY.

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