Aufgabe No. 8, Grinnell, Johnson, Brolaski, and Bers, Editors

Aufgabe No. 8

Grinnell, Johnson, Brolaski, and Bers, Editors

Publisher: Litmus Press
PubDate: 10/1/2009
ISBN: 9781933959092
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Pages: 320
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Magazine. Poetry. Art. Guest edited by Matvei Yankelevich. AUFGABE NO. 8 features Russian poetry in translation by Elena Fanailova, Dmitry Golynko, Linor Goralik, Sergey Kruglov, Dmitry Kuzmin, Kirill Medvedev, Anton Ochirov, Andrey Sen-Senkov, Aleksandr Skidan, Maria Stepanova, Dmitry Vodennikov, Sergey Zavyalov, Igor Zhukov, Tatiana Zima, Olga Zondberg. American poetry by Diane Ward, Kimberly Lyons, Francois Turcot, Akilah Oliver, Damaris Calderon, Tyrone Williams, Eduardo Milan, Miles Champion, Suzanne Jacob, Dana Ward, Nathalie Stephens (Nathanael), Paolo Javier, Alan Davies, Trish Salah, and others! Also, featuring new artwork by Kim Beck.

Author City: NEW YORK, NY USA

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