Selected Days: The Selected Poetry of Stephen Ratcliffe, Stephen Ratcliffe

Selected Days: The Selected Poetry of Stephen Ratcliffe

Stephen Ratcliffe

Publisher: Counterpath Press
PubDate: 8/15/2012
ISBN: 9781933996288
Price: $15.95
Quantity Available: 50
Pages: 208
SKU #: B13C

Poetry. Stephen Ratcliffe has been performing daily writing since 1999, when he began with PORTRAITS & REPETITION. Through a daily practice of acute perception of landscape and the experience of physical space, Ratcliffe has accrued several thousand pages of poems. SELECTED DAYS provides excerpts from six collections that span two decades. Ratcliffe's observations investigate the relationship of the material world to the materiality of language represented on the page, in his grid-forming Courier font. The result is a meditative documentation of time passing from an ostensibly still vantage point; still insofar as it never stops moving.

Author City: BOLINAS, CA USA

Stephen Ratcliffe is a poet, professor, and publisher. His recent publications include: PAINTING (Chax Press, 2014), SELECTED DAYS: THE SELECTED POETRY OF STEPHEN RATCLIFFE (Counterpath Press, 2012), CLOUD / RIDGE (BlazeVox [books], 2011), CONVERSATION (Bootstrap Press, 2011), READING THE UNSEEN: (OFFSTAGE) HAMLET (Counterpath Press, 2009), REAL (Avenue B, 2007), and PORTRAITS & REPETITION (The Post-Apollo Press, 2002). He lives in Bolinas, California, and teaches at Mills College in Oakland.

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