FLOWER CART, Lisa Fishman


Lisa Fishman

Publisher: Ahsahta Press
PubDate: 5/1/2011
ISBN: 9781934103210
Price: $17.50
Quantity Available: 57
Pages: 88
SKU #: C12E

Poetry. Taking its title from a sign outside the BART station in Oakland, California, FLOWER CART finds, makes, documents, pieces together, and steps out of the way of language at ground level. Being alive in acts of reading is writing in Fishman's fourth book, where the materiality of words, weather, plantlife, handwriting, and decay are engrafted in a hybrid ecology that is archival and lyric. The book's archival impulse lies in its attention to stray bodies of speech and text that Fishman does not alter but presents as interfused with her own sensibility (materially lyric), her location (rural Midwest), and the forms and rhythms of being here at this time that is more than one time.


Lisa Fishman's books include FLOWER CART (2011), THE HAPPINESS EXPERIMENT (2007), and DEAR, READ (2002), all from Ahsahta Press and CURRENT (Parlor Press, 2011). She teaches at Columbia College in Chicago and lives in Madison and Orfordville, Wisconsin.

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