The Evolutionary Revolution, Lily Hoang

The Evolutionary Revolution

Lily Hoang

Publisher: Les Figues Press
PubDate: 7/1/2010
ISBN: 9781934254141
Binding: Paperback
Price: $15.00
Quantity Available: 18
Pages: 246
SKU #: K06F

Fiction. What if evolution was decided by committee and revolution by mere chance? What if man was a subspecies? What if man, as a subspecies, was woman, with tiny red wings on her thighs and pasted shut eyes? What if she flew in the sky or slept on the moon, and what if the earth was a saltless water world filled with forgetful, vengeful two-headed mermen? Welcome to THE EVOLUTIONARY REVOLUTION, a fabulist story of sense-making for the 21st century. In this twinning tale of freak shows and prophets, tract homes and impending doom, award-winning author Lily Hoang collapses time and narrative into a brilliant novel of beginnings and ends, where sentences undo each other and opposites don't cancel each other out. As Anna Joy Springer notes in the book's introduction, "In literature, as sometimes in life, it's a scary kind of fun to be manipulated by a pretty girl, who changes the game on a whim."


Lily Hoang's books include A BESTIARY (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2016), THE EVOLUTIONARY REVOLUTION (Les Figues, 2010), and CHANGING (Fairy Tale Review Press, 2008), recipient of a PEN Open Books Award. She has two novels forthcoming: Old Cat Lady and The Book of Martha and she co-edited the anthology THE FORCE OF WHAT'S POSSIBLE: WRITERS ON ACCESSIBILITY AND THE AVANT-GARDE (Nightboat Books, 2015). She teaches in the MFA program at New Mexico State University, where she is Associate Department Head. She serves as Prose Editor at Puerto del Sol and Non-Fiction Editor at Drunken Boat

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