The Bird Hoverer, Aaron Belz

The Bird Hoverer

Aaron Belz

Publisher: BlazeVOX books
PubDate: 3/1/2007
ISBN: 9781934289273
Price: $14.00
Quantity Available: 19
Pages: 85
SKU #: B05B

Poetry. "Aaron Belz is a gravely hilarious poet. The poems from THE BIRD HOVERER are part Discovery Channel, party History Channel, part E!—his ferocious intelligence, his love of glitz, and his wry take on relationships (both human and animal) are irresistible. Belz's voice is bold, wise, inimitable"—Denise Duhamel. "The poems in THE BIRD HOVERER are by turns melancholic and comic, performing the paradoxes and pratfalls to which we are subject. Out of boredom and distraction, Belz conjures wild animals, celebrities, and sinister conspiracies, revealing the roots of our fictive lives"—Devin Johnston. "Just what American poetry needs: lots of fresh poems that are weirdly conventional one minute, satisfyingly strange the next. On the surface this violent assault on complacency is playfully serious, but deep down, you notice that the surfaces of these gentle poems glint and catch the light as they turn over and over, patiently waiting for your attention. Finally, reading this smart book feels like wining the lottery, dollar by dollar, only more so. So what are you waiting for?"—John Tranter.

Author City: St. Louis, MO USA

Dr. Aaron Belz is Assistant Professor of English at Providence Christian College. Dr. Belz holds a B.A. in English and history from Covenant College (1993) and a Master's in Creative Writing from New York University (1995). His doctorate in English is from Saint Louis University (2007), where he specialized in comedy and modern American poetry. In addition, Dr. Belz is a much-published writer with a poetry collection, The Bird Hoverer, published in 2007. His second collection is forthcoming from Persea Books. Dr. Belz and his wife Rebecca have three children. The family enjoys baseball, good movies, reading, and traveling.

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