The Whalen Poem, William Corbett

The Whalen Poem

William Corbett

Publisher: Hanging Loose Press
PubDate: 4/15/2011
ISBN: 9781934909133
Price: $16.00
Quantity Available: 30
Pages: 64
SKU #: E17E

Poetry. "I spent the summer of 2007 reading the galleys of Philip Whalen's Collected Poems. I was in Vermont and had the leisure to read slowly, ten or so pages a day. About halfway through the master's poems I began to write THE WHALEN POEM. I kept at it until just after Halloween. No book I have written, poetry or prose, has given me the deep pleasure I felt in writing THE WHALEN POEM"—William Corbett.

Author City: Boston, MA USA

William Corbett is a poet who lives in Boston's South End and is Director of Student Writing Activities in MIT's Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies. He writes frequently on art, directs the small press Pressed Wafer and is on the advisory board of Manhattan's CUE Art Foundation. Among his books are the memoirs Furthering My Education and Philip Guston's Late Work: A Memoir. He edited JUST THE THING: SELECTED LETTERS OF JAMES SCHUYLER and THE LETTERS OF JAMES SCHUYLER TO FRANK O'HARA. His newest books of poetry are ELEGIES FOR MICHAEL GIZZI (Kat Ran Press, 2012) and THE WHALEN POEM (Hanging Loose Press, 2011).

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