Red Radio Heart, Jane Lunin Perel

Red Radio Heart

Jane Lunin Perel

Publisher: White Pine Press
PubDate: 10/16/2012
ISBN: 9781935210344
Price: $16.00
Quantity Available: 23
Pages: 104
SKU #: R03A

Poetry. "Whether celebrating the mundane, recounting the estrangement between mother and daughter, contemplating sex and religion, or grieving the loss of a loved one, poem after poem is imbued with nerve, wit, grace—and heart. We need more poetry like this, poetry that is as profound and poignant as it is bold and lyrical. Quite simply, RED RADIO HEART is a gift."—Mary A. Koncel

"The Muse for Perel's new book of poems is Artemis of Ephesus, mother and goddess of fertility living in exile in the scorched twenty-first century."—Bruce Smith


Jane Lunin Perel has published four books of verse poetry. She is professor of English and women's studies at Providence College, Rhode Island.

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