Magnolia and Lotus: Selected Poems of Hyesim, Chin'gak Kuksa Hyesim

Magnolia and Lotus: Selected Poems of Hyesim

Chin'gak Kuksa Hyesim

Publisher: White Pine Press
PubDate: 6/4/2013
ISBN: 9781935210436
Price: $16.00
Quantity Available: 20
Pages: 97
SKU #: M10D

Poetry. Northeast Asia Studies. Translated from the Korean by Ian Haight and T'ae-yŏng Hŏ. "Hyesim's poems: transformative as walking high granite mountains by moonlight, with fragrant herbs underfoot and a thermos of clear tea in the backpack. Their bedrock is thusness, their images' beauty is pellucid and new, their view without limit. The shelf of essential Zen poets for American readers grows larger with this immediately indispensable collection."—Jane Hirshfield

"His poems speak softly and clearly, like hearing a temple bell that was struck a thousand years ago."—Sam Hamill

Author City: HWASUN KOR

Chin'gak Kuksa Hyesim (1178-1234) was the first Zen master dedicated to poetry in Korea.  

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