Aphoria, Jackie Clark


Jackie Clark

Publisher: Brooklyn Arts Press
PubDate: 3/1/2013
ISBN: 9781936767175
Price: $14.95
Quantity Available: 14
Pages: 72
SKU #: L13B

Poetry. "Few poets have the ability to record the gossamer strands of their own cognitions as Jackie Clark does. The poems in APHORIA are miraculous in the way they map a topology of quotidian thought in unassuming yet radiant language. APHORIA is something like a blueprint for the invisible architecture of the human soul. Not so much the soul that belongs to Jackie Clark, but the one that belongs to and connects all of us."—Ben Mirov

"APHORIA constellates fragments of memory, cityscape, images, & imaginings into serial poems both contemplative & seductive. It draws the reader into an embrace. Through this, the book develops an epistemology of gravity, of holding, countered by the inevitable failure to accurately remember being held. These hushed & biting lyrics are centripetal, circling the arcane core of a person's experience."—Mathias Svalina

"Jackie Clark's poetics is a poetics of spying on the prismatic philosophical underpinnings of fate. We live and love in her hopes and surrenders."—Jenny Boully


Jackie Clark is a poet living in Jersey City. She is the series editor of Poets off Poetry and Song of the Week for Coldfront Magazine and a contributing writer for The Rumpus. She is the recipient of a 2012 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship in poetry and the author of three chapbooks: Office Work (Greying Ghost Press, 2010), Red Fortress (H_NGM_N, 2010), and I Live Here Now (Lame House Press, 2011).  

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