Butch Geography, Stacey Waite

Butch Geography

Stacey Waite

Publisher: Tupelo Press
PubDate: 1/31/2013
ISBN: 9781936797257
Price: $16.95
Quantity Available: 55
Pages: 72
SKU #: L11F

Poetry. LGBT Studies. In her Los Angeles Review of Books essay "Who Is Who: Pronouns, Gender, and Merging Selves," Dana Levin describes Stacey Waite's fusion of gender identities: "Pseudonyms, heteronyms, personae, all the ventriloquizing literary arts; point of view and tonal shifts: these are tools for speakers and speaking. But the sentence too has a voice: 'i will not be the kind of boy who can not bear the memory of her body'... This is [Waite's] genius...to take innocuous syntactical phrasing and change the players mid-sentence—to get around English's pronominal either/or by creating a syntactical both/and...."

Author City: LINCOLN, NE USA

Stacey Waite is the author of four collections of poems: Choke (Thorngate Road, 2004) (winner of the 2004 Frank O'Hara Prize), Love Poem to Androgyny (Main Street Rag, 2007), THE LAKE HAS NO SAINT (winner of Tupelo's 2008 Snowbound Chapbook Award), and BUTCH GEORGRAPHY (Tupelo Press, 2013). With both an M.F.A. in poetry and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Pittsburgh, Waite now teaches courses in writing, gender studies, and pedagogy as an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

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