Emergency INDEX 2011, Yelena Gluzman & Matvei Yankelevich, Editors

Emergency INDEX 2011

Yelena Gluzman & Matvei Yankelevich, Editors

Publisher: Ugly Duckling Presse
PubDate: 4/10/2012
ISBN: 9781937027070
Binding: Paperback
Price: $40.00
Quantity Available: 18
Pages: 538
SKU #: D12A

Drama. Performance Art. Every year, Emergency INDEX invites authors to document performances they made in the previous year. By including performances regardless of their country of origin, their genre, aims, or popularity, INDEX reveals a breathtaking variety of practices used in performance work as it actually exists today. For readers, INDEX offers a cutting edge view of performance as it is used in dance, theater, music, visual art, political activism, scientific research, poetry, advertising, terrorism, and other disciplines. For artists, INDEX provides an opportunity to document the most important aspects of new work, without the need for spin or salesmanship. For anyone interested in contemporary performance, INDEX is required reading. INDEX 2011 includes 249 performances and a comprehensive index of key terms used to describe them.

Contributors and collaborators for INDEX 2011 are (alphabetically): Harold Abramowitz, Jérôme Abotsi, Alejandro Acierto, Amanda Ackerman, Tomomi Adachi, Scott Adkins, Advertising Agency JWT Ukraine, Janet Aisawa, Robert Allaire, Jessica Allee, Fabrice Allouche, Alter Consciens, André Alves, Alphabet Arts, Rana Alrabi, Basil Alzeri, Zane Amundsen, Jason Anastasoff, Anymous, Rob Andrews, Mike Antonicelli, Carlos Aranda Márquez, Petra Ardai, Marco Ariano, Annette Arlander, R. Armstrong, Marilyn Arsem, Artist(e), Ian Ake, Paulo Aureliano de Mata, Asa Djinnia, Atlanta Poets Group, Riccardo Attanasio, Frederic Attul, Amy Babinec, Michael Babinec, Kevin Bachman, Anna Banana, Nancy Bannon, Jess Barbagallo, Amber Barbell, Stephanie Barber, Itziar Barrio, Eva Barto, Angela Bartram, Chloë Bass, Bat Signal Team, Uriel Bathélémi, Henry Baumgartner, Rachelle Beaudoin, Gelsey Bell, Thomas Bell, Libby Bellhouse, Orit Ben Shitrit, Aimee Bender, Dave Bernstein, Ilya Bernstein, Caitlin Berrigan, Jen Besemer, Jeremy Bessof, James Bewley, Goska Bialek, Mia Bienovich, Johanna Biesewig, Nicole Bindler, Julie Binkley, Eric Birninghausen, Amanda Bless, Alina Bliumis, Jeff Bliumis, Brandon Boan, Amanda Boekelheide, Andre Borges, Lorene Bouboushian, Michael Bramwell, brekekekexkoaxkoax, Helene Breschand, The Bride of Fire Dance Troupe, Jaqueline Brown, Agnes Btffn, Kimbal Quist Bumstead, The Bureau of Self Recognition, Laura Butautaite, Season Butler, Charlotte Bydwell, Sarah Shun lien Bynum, Justin Cabrillos, Camel Collective, Mary Campbell, Peter A. Campbell, Ana Cañeque, Camila Cañeque, Andrew Cantrell, Carissa Carmen, Teresa Carmody, Laurel Jay Carpenter, Allison Carter, Caitlin Cass, Cecil Castellucci, Isabel Castellvi, Norman Catherine, Mallory Catlett, Goska Chalupka, Patty Chang, Michal Chantkowski, N. F. Chase, Phyllis Chen, Joyce Cho, Steven Chodoriwsky, CHOKRA, Neha Choksi, Sarita Choudhury, cia.excessos, Raquel Cion, Renato Ciunfrini, Elisabeth S. Clark, Lowell Clare, Sophia Cleary, Colegio Contrametafísico de Liberación Acéfala, Kenneth Collins, Compagnie Pseudonymo, Christine Connor, Emily Catherine Copplestone, Cecilia Corrigan, Jon Cotner, Erin Courtney, Crazy Boy, Rebecca Cunningham, William Cusick, D & C Productions David D'Agostino, Mark Z. Danielewski, Simbi Dare, Jesse Darling, Suzanne Davies, Matthew Davis, Day de dada, Matthew de Leon, Vladislava Denis, Thomas Devaney, Christina deRoos, Megan DiBello, Michael Di Paolo, The Difforme Ensemble, Petra Dijur, Sophia Disgrace, Hakima El Djoudi, Igor Domsac, Chuan Hua Catherine Dong, Abby Donovan, Dreary Somebody, Owen Driggs, Lindsey Drury, Yehuda Duenyas, Christine Duckmann, Kathleen Duffy, Kate Durbin, Tess Dworman, Diane Dwyer, EcoArtTech, Onome Ekeh, Alexander Ekman, Entissar El Hamdany, El Mal Salvaje, Jody Elff, Ursula Endlicher, Shonni Enelow, Rob Erickson, Tom Estes, Everydayplaces, The Experimental Meditation Center of Los Angeles, Felipe Fa£ndez Fuentes, Holly Faurot, Roberto Fega, David Finch, Jim Findlay, Francesca Fini, Flatchestedmama, Jim Fletcher, Flying Deer Theater, Scott Foley, David Ford, Vicki Fowler, Carribean Fragoza, Rachel Frank, Tales Frey, M. P. Fusco, Ellie Ga, Andrés Galeano, Bailey Garcia, Julio García Murillo, Hanna Gardiner, Anna Geraskina, Julia Gibbs, Emily Gleeson, Gen Gluzman, Aevi Nakai Gluzman, Yelena Gluzman, Ariel Goldberg, Laura Goldstein, Veronica Gonzalez, Sam Goodman, Noah Eli Gordon, Great Moments in Western Civilization Cooperative, Lawrence Graham Brown, Francisco Fernando Granados, Anthony Graves, Victoria Gray, La Guilde Humoriste d'Angers, Brady Gunnell, Sabine Gutenberg, Bill Guy, Mimi Hachikai, Erin Hael, Alexa Hall, Jeremy X. Halpern, Caleb Hammond, Ignatius Harling, Michael Hart, Nick Harvey, Kristin Hatleberg, Paul Hawkins, Nicholas Alexander Hayes, Jill Heinke, Gabrielle Herbst, Carla Herrera Prats, Hannah Hessel, Josh Higgason, Anska Hilash, Jessica Hirst, Jen Hofer, Jennifer Marie Hoff, Hoffman, Nina Hoechtl, Chad Hoeppner, Hoja Urbana, Christa Holka, Patrick Hollbrook, Bob Holman, The Homeless Museum of Art, Erin Hood, The Hood Internet, Jake Hooker, Jason Hoopes, Justin Hoover, Ippei Hosaka, J'Sun Howard, Alexa Hoyer, Tom Hughes, Christalena Hughmanick, The Human Micropoem, R. Justin Hunt, Paul Hurley, Geof Huth, Brenda Ijima, IM International, Berenice Isabel, Yoko Ishiguro, Bojana Janovic, Julia Jarko, Charlotte Jarvis, Jay Scheib & Co., Mark Jeffry, Mikeah Ernest Jennings, Robert Johanson, Johnicon, Jia May Jonas, Gretchen Jude, Andrés Jurado, Kirsten Kammermeyer, Megumi Kamimura, Jennifer Karmin, A. J. Kane, Ethan Kaplan, Jennifer Karmin, Eirini Kartsaki, Shoko Kashima, Ben Kato, Chico Katsube, Marie Christine Katz, Jenny Keane, Karinne Keithley, Sibyl Kempson, Emily Keune, Marina Kelly, J. P. King, Andrea Kleine, Tuija Kokkonen, Hirokazu Kouchi, Richard Kraft, Michal Krysl, Daniel Krzyszczak, Peter Ksander, Danuta Kudlacik, Aaron Landsman, Jan Langedijk, Chantale Laplante, Matt Leabo, Jack Leamy, Andrea LeBeau, Janice Lee, Young Jean Lee, Gaël Leveugle, Todd Lerew, Emma Leslie, Adam Liddel, Andrew Liebermann, Liliya Lifanova, Anya Liftig, Isabel Lima, Johanna Linsley, Jeanne Liotta, Joana Lleys, Vicente Lloco, Ginny Lloyd, Christopher Loar, Brian Lobel, Local Projects, Longva & Carpenter, Terese Longva, Tláloc López Watermann, Gretta Luow, Clarinda Mac Low, Maria Lowry, Melissa Lozano, Christopher Michael Luna, Machine, Machiqq, Alessandro Magania, Erica Magrey, Alaina Mahoney, Chiara Mallozzi, Linda Mancini, Pedro Manuel, M. Mara Ann, TaraFawn Marek, Emily Mast, Maus&Orlovski Performance Collective, Rachel Mayuri, Mark Mccloughan, Brian McCorkle, Bobby McElver, Casey McLain, Valentina Medda, Jan Mertens, Natalie Metzger, Joe Miller, Branko Miliskovic, A. K. Mimi Allin, Yoshihito Mizuuchi, David Girondin Moab, Hajoe Moderegger, Manuel Molina Martagon, Christopher Mollon, Stefanos Mondelos, Maria Montesi, Nicola Morton, Kaitlin Morgan, Jon Morris, Judd Morrissey, Myriam Moscona, Leonor Motes de Oca, Carlos Motta, Travis Mouffe, Shana Moulton, Chance D. Muehleck, Faye Mullen, Harryette Mullen, Tom Murrin, Jake Myers, Leila Nadir, You Nakai, Sawako Nakayasu, Palvinder Nangla, Laura Napier, Esther Neff, The Nerve Tank, Alex Ness, Devora Neumark, Michael Newton, New York City Players, New York Neo Futurists, The Nicola Midnight St. Claire, Anthony Nikolchev, Ayesha Ngaujah, No Collective, Filip Noterdaeme, Kelly Marie Novak, Robert Ochshorn, Rula Odeh, Dana Olarescu, Mary O'Neill, The 181, Vanessa O'Reilly, Sheryl Oring, Valerio Rocco Orlando, Aaron Orsini, Gerald Orzikh, Otso Huopaniemi, Walter Palosnik, Andrea Pagnes, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Owen Glyndwyr Parry, Sarah H. Paulson, Danielle Paz, Gaël Peltier, Marine Penvern, Cary Peppermint, Marissa Perel, Katarzyna Petrowska, Nicole Peyrafitte, Miles Pflanz, Noah Phillips, Paul Pinto, Pioneer Winter Collective, The Plastic Arts, Natalia Porter, Antonella Prisco, Queerocracy, Red Handle, Mark Read, Matt Reeck, Gabrielle Revlock, Jason Rhodes, Melinda Ring, Felipe Rivas San Martín, Cole Robertson, Sophie Robinson, Jules Rochielle, Federico Rodriguez, Oliviero Rodriguez, Erin Rogers, Anthony Romero, Josh Ronson, Liz Rosenfeld, Barbara Rosenthal, Dave Ruder, Kourtney Rutherfor, S & M, Sage Lindholm, Patrick Santoro, Bobby Sanabria, Janet Sarbanes, Marcy Saude, Denys Savchenko, Jennifer Scappettone, Edith Scob, Sandrine Schaefer, Jason Schuler, R. B. Schlather, Johannes Lothar Schroeder, Sylvia Schwenk, Science Project Tanya Selvaratnam, SF Guerilla Opera, Berthold Schneider, Davis Schneiderman, Eeva Semerdjiev, Jared Sharon, Avner Shahar, Jed Shahar, Penny Shahar, Dan Shelton, Molly Beth Sheremet, Ohad Ben Shimon, Jason Simms, Situate Us, William Skaleski, Geneva Skeen, Casey Smallwood, Sm[Art], SMFA "!" Performance Group, Janey Smith, Matthew Stephen Smith, Doug Smithenry, Ben Spatz, Anna Joy Springer, Erin Stalneker, Peggy Stafford, Stephen Steinmetz, Verena Stenke, Jenny Seastone Sterne, Juliane Stiegele, Leslie Strongwater, Tymoteusz Sulek, John Sullivan, Superdevolución Copilli Quetzalli, Karinne Keithley Syers, Maryam Taghavi, Shinichi Takashima, Marcela Tavares, Paige Teamey, Elena Tejada Herrera, Temporarydistortion, thingNY, Natalie Thomas, Jeff Thompson, Rob Thompson, Tiger and Bear, Johanne Timm, Matthew Timmons, Nick Tobier, Michael Todd, James Topple, Jolie Tolentino, Richard Toth, Ryan Tracy, Amy Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger, Triage Live Art Collective, Anouschka Trocker, George Truman, Allison Trumbo, Bradley Tsayluk, Urara Tsuchiya, Allie Avital Tsypin, Nafsika Tzanou, UNFO, Kate Urban, Urban Research Theater, Aynsley Vandenbroucke, Stephen Van Dyck, Kate Vassallo, Mario Vega, Vestandpage, Amanda Villalobos, Mandy Cano Villalobos, Lisa Vinebaum, Daiella Vinitski, Vita Nova, Danny Volk, Marilyn Volkman, Helene Vosters, Scott Waitukaitis, Dave Walker, Nathan Walker, Heather Warren Crow, Riley Watts, Angela Watters, Carrie Mae Weems, Adam H. Weinert, Amber West, Genevieve White, The White House Studio Project, A White Wing Brushing the Building, Dominik Wilczynski, Ben Williams, Moira Williams, Alyssa Lee Wilmot, Myrtle Wilson, Zack Winokur, Pioneer Winter, Allison Wyper, Andreas Wolf, Margaret Wright, Talyan Wright, XXXY Chin Chih Yang, Yesiree the Public Notary, Jeff Young, Diana Yaros, Steve Zeitlin, Zen Go, Spyros Zoupanos, and Sonia Zylberberg,