Day of the Interview, Adam Kaufman

Day of the Interview

Adam Kaufman

Publisher: Content
PubDate: 11/15/2012
ISBN: 9781937027155
Price: $10.00
Quantity Available: 25
Pages: 80
SKU #: A17D

Art. A sign reading MOW burns beneath an attack helicopter as it flies through the ruins of the near future. Against this desolate backdrop, a man sits in contemplation. His legs dangle over the helicopter landing skids. A stone is tied around his neck. It's difficult to make out at this distance, but the stone could be a piece of space debris, perhaps even a meteor. Somewhere out there in this difficult world is the Ghost of All Dinosaurs in One. Somewhere in this man's past is the memory of a three-eyed bird.

Content is a quarterly book series presenting work of any kind. Each book is 80 pages, measures 4.75 by 7.5 inches, with the interior printed in black and white. Individuals are invited to provide content without editorial selection or intervention.

Author City: NEW YORK, NY USA

Adam Kaufman is from New Jersey and lives in New York. He holds a BA in Art-Semiotics from Brown University and an MFA in Design from The School Of Visual Arts. Adam's animation was recently featured in the award-winning Brazilian musical Hedwig e o Centímetro Enfurecido.

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