A Several World, Brian Blanchfield

A Several World

Brian Blanchfield

Publisher: Nightboat Books
PubDate: 3/15/2014
ISBN: 9781937658175
Price: $15.95
Quantity Available: 48
Pages: 111
SKU #: R03E

Poetry. As in the title phrase—borrowed from a 17th century poem by Robert Herrick—in which "several" is used to individuate, questions of singularity and the plural, of subjectivity and the collective, pervade this dream-quick poetry. In A SEVERAL WORLD there are glimpses of an "us down here"—in the understory, in the open clearing—and, by various projections, there is frequent attainment of an aerial vantage, a post otherwise abdicated. Landscape here is spatial theater, and a choreography recruits all standalone selves: solidarity beginning in an erotics of attunement, catching likenesses.

"This clever, busy, anxious, flirtatious poet, with his 'predilections for predicaments,' can connect anything to anything else."—Stephen Burt, The New York Times Book Review

Author City: TUCSON, AZ USA

Brian Blanchfield is the author of the poetry collections Not Even Then (2004), A SEVERAL WORLD (Nightboat Books, 2014) , which received the 2014 James Laughlin Award and was a longlist finalist for the National Book Award, and PROXIES: ESSAYS NEAR KNOWING (Nightboat Books, 2016). He lives in Tucson.  

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