Rhyme Scheme, Tracie Morris

Rhyme Scheme

Tracie Morris

Publisher: Zasterle Press
PubDate: 11/29/2012
ISBN: 9788487467493
Price: $25.00
Quantity Available: 2
Pages: 92
SKU #: E17A

Poetry. Book + CD. African American Studies. "RHYME SCHEME calls out to Gwendolyn Brooks's Annie John and Amiri Baraka's Blues People as it responds to patterns of representation by entering deeper to dismantle and rebuild on its own terms black life, black love, black sound. What accumulates in the sonic chains of these poems is the life and language a community lives and loves. In 'Southern Son of Man' Morris writes, 'I think of you and I think home.... The bad in me gone, heart-made haven, you.' These pulsing trickster lyrics moving backwards and forwards in time at all times are for us and everyone."—Claudia Rankine


Tracie Morris is a poet who works in multiple media. She has performed as a sound poet, singer, actor and installation artist. Her sound installations have been presented in New York at the Whitney Biennial, the Jamaica Center for the Arts and Learning, the New Museum and Ronald Feldman Gallery. She holds an MFA from Hunter College and a PhD from New York University and has often trained at RADA. She is Professor and Coordinator of Performance and Performance Studies at Pratt Institute.  

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