The Mystery Box, 4 lbs of Books for $10

The Mystery Box

4 lbs of Books for $10

PubDate: 7/1/2013
Price: $10.00
Quantity Available: 77
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What's in that box?
Here is an opportunity to receive a box of SPD books, hand-selected by staff, and delivered to your door for a mere $10. Shipping by media mail is included. How it works: we pull from our inventory of donated and/or very-mildly hurt books a group of titles that add up to about 4 pounds. The books are "vaguely thematized," whether by genre, era, place, color, or something that exists only in our imagination. Note that each box is totally unique, nay a "mystery," hence the pattern of its content may or may not emerge! When you order your mystery box, feel free to list up to three of the following keywords in the Comments Box of your online order:

Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Cross-genre, Book Art, Philosophy, Dreams, Place, Photography, Illustration, Art, Radical, Film, Theatre, Experimental, Women, Bay Area, Autobiography, Fairytale, LGBTQ, Essays, Stories, New Narrative, Writing How-To, Compilation, Collaboration, Translation, Poetics, Performance, Body, Criticism, Politics, Film, Contemporary, Music, New York, World, Classic, Eclectic, Comics.

We especially recommend noting one of the three genre categories (poetry, fiction, or nonfiction). We'll do our best to tailor your box, but again there are no guarantees with the Mystery Box except that it will blow your mind.

New Arrivals

Space Between These Lines Not Dedicated
Frank Sherlock

Ordinary Hours
Karen Enns

Phrasebook for the Pleiades
Lorraine Doran

Lyn Lifshin

Travelers with No Ticket Home
Mary Mackey

Katherine Hastings