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  • A Monk in the Bee Hive: A Short Discourse on Bees, Monks and Sacred Geometry
  • Skye ann louise Taylor
  • Logosophia, LLC 01 Nov 2014
Literary Nonfiction. A MONK IN THE BEEHIVE introduces and carries the reader to a higher octave of beekeeping. It has been called forth by the need fo...
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  • After the Fox
  • Travis Cebula and Sarah Suzor
  • Black Lawrence Press 30 Sep 2014
Poetry. Inheriting its title from the British hunting term "Tally Ho," AFTER THE FOX is a book propelled and inspired by the notion of perpetual chase...
  • $13.95
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  • Awesome Camera
  • Laura Goldstein
  • Make Now Press 01 Jul 2014
Poetry. "Laura Goldstein's poems vibrate with urgency—of bodies, of capital, of language, of all the things that comprise us."—Megan Kamin...
  • $16.00
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  • Dark~Sky Society
  • Ailish Hopper
  • New Issues Poetry & Prose 16 Sep 2014
Poetry. "'Not // I Have a dream // A cold, cold feeling' closes Hopper's 'The Good Caucasian;'...these unsettling poems trace Hopper's struggle to mak...
  • $15.00
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  • Dismantling the Rabbit Altar
  • Natasha Kessler
  • Coconut Books 15 Jul 2014
Poetry. "Natasha Kessler's DISMANTLING THE RABBIT ALTAR resides deep in the uncanny forest of the unconscious—among the decaying vestiges of a c...
  • $14.00
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  • I Am Going to Fly Through Glass: Selected Poems of Harold Norse
  • Harold Norse
  • Talisman House, Publishers 15 Sep 2014
Poetry. Masterfully edited by Todd Swindell, I AM GOING TO FLY THROUGH GLASS offers a brilliant introduction to the work of one of the twentieth-centu...
  • $21.95
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  • Last Psalm at Sea Level
  • Meg Day
  • Barrow Street Press 01 Oct 2014
Poetry. LGBT Studies. "Lovely does not suffice, nor does lyric. Eloquence is only a grasping in the space of ineffable air. There are few words or phr...
  • $16.95
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  • New Organism: Essais
  • Andrea Rexilius
  • Letter Machine Editions 01 Oct 2014
Poetry. Literary Nonfiction. "I am a girl, and what does it feel like to be a girl. It feels like a hand over your mouth. A hand over your mouth and o...
  • $14.00
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  • Out There: a novel
  • Sarah Stark
  • Leaf Storm Press LLC 21 Apr 2014
Fiction. OUT THERE is the story of a young Army veteran (Jefferson Long Soldier) who returns home safely to New Mexico after two tours of duty in Iraq...
  • $17.95
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  • Pity the Animal
  • Chelsea Hodson
  • Future Tense Books 20 May 2014
Literary Nonfiction. PITY THE ANIMAL, an essay by Chelsea Hodson, explores the concept of human submission and commodification by way of window displa...
  • $5.00
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