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When you buy a book from Small Press Distribution, you don't just get something terrific to read: you help independent publishers and writers keep more money from their projects, which in turn helps nurture and sustain the literary arts as a whole.

Because we're a nonprofit, everything we do is aimed at helping essential but underrepresented literary communities participate fully in the marketplace and in the culture at large. We do this by offering book distribution, information services, and public advocacy programs to hundreds of small publishers.

Buy a book from SPD, enjoy a great read, and support the literary community!

At SPD, we connect readers with writers through independently published literature. Founded in 1969, SPD is currently the only distributor in the country dedicated exclusively to independently published literature.

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Small Press Distribution
1341 Seventh Street
Berkeley, CA 94710-1409
(510) 524-1668
(800) 869-7553

Board Members

Juliana Spahr (Board President), Mills College / A'A Arts Press
Jonathan Fernandez (Board Treasurer), Rasputin Records / Blondies Pizza / Bear Basics
Alan Bernheimer (Board Secretary), Communications Executive, Ret.
David Rothenberg, Mother Jones
Rena Rosenwasser, Kelsey Street Press
Michael Morgan, Morgan & Claypool Publishers
Ethan Nosowsky, Graywolf Press
Cecil S. Giscombe, University of California, Berkeley / Mixed Blood Journal
Estee Schwartz
Andrew Maxwell


Jeffrey Lependorf, Executive Director,
Laura Moriarty, Deputy Director,
Brent Cunningham, Operations Director,
Janice Worthen, Sales & Marketing Manager,
Andrew Pai, Business Manager,
Trisha Low, Publicity Manager,
John Sakkis, Warehouse Manager,
Steve Orth, Customer Service & Publicity Associate,
Ari Banias, Customer Service & Development Associate,
Johnny Hernandez, Customer Service Associate,
Jason Mull, Warehouse Associate,
Katherine Duckworth, Warehouse Associate,

Staff Bios

Articles, Media and PR

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SPD is the only wholesaler in the country dedicated exclusively to independently published literature. We take risks on exciting new writers, enabling their work to develop an audience and gain recognition in the marketplace.

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We are proud to acknowledge major past & present funding from the following:

National Endowment for the Arts
Amazon Literary Partnership
Walter & Elise Haas Fund
California Arts Council
Berkeley Civic Arts Commission
Marin Community Foundation
The San Francisco Foundation
James Irvine Foundation

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