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Open Books Project


The Open Books Project was a Small Press Distribution program to reach out to seniors by supporting book groups.

From January until June, 2011, four book groups took place in three Marin County libraries and in a community center in Mill Valley. This spring four more book groups will take place in Marin County. For more information about the groups or to create your own book group please contact SPD at

Go to PHOTOS AND DOCUMENTS from the events!

Marin County Free Library and Engage As You Age, a Bay Area wide service organization for seniors, are SPD's partners in this pilot program.

This pilot project recognizes that the growing population of highly literate seniors in California (and elsewhere) will benefit from guided access to SPD's independently published books. The Open Books Project (formerly called the "I Remember" project) provides facilitators, supporting materials and free SPD books for everyone participating in the program.

"Open Books" Reading Guides

Let The Water Hold Me Down

<Let The Water Hold Me Down READING GUIDE>

The Shyster's Daughter

<The Shyster's Daughter READING GUIDE>

The Junk Dealer's Daughter

<The Junk Dealer's Daughter READING GUIDE>

Dune Child


Border Of A Dream

<Border Of A Dream READING GUIDE>

The Road, And Nothing More

<The Road, And Nothing More READING GUIDE>

 Ashes In Love

 <Ashes In Love READING GUIDE (En Español)>

 Ashes In Love


Only What We Could Carry 

<Only What We Could Carry READING GUIDE>

Platicas de mi barrio
<The Old Whitaker Place READING GUIDE>

Platicas de mi barrio
<Platicas de Mi Barrio READING GUIDE (En Español)>

Welcome To Miami, Doctor Leal
<Welcome to Miami, Doctor Leal READING GUIDE>

<Aún READING GUIDE (En Español)>

Still Another Day
<Still Another Day READING GUIDE (English)>

Khirbet Khizeh
<Khirbet Khizeh READING GUIDE>



"Open Books" Project Made Possible By

New Arrivals

Seven against Thebes
Aeschylus and John Tipton

The Father of the Arrow is the Thought
Christopher DeWeese

Adrift in a Vanishing City
Vincent Czyz

This House, My Bones
Elmaz Abinader

The Minstrel's Song
Alyssa A. Lappen

First Words
Emily Vogel