Author: Annie Petrie-Sauter

Annie Petrie-Sauter has written numerous stories and poems about the 60s and 70s. Her work has been published in four Bright Hill Press Anthologies, by Maverick Press, Texas; in the Berkeley Tribe; and the Rat Underground Newspapers. She is a poet of the performance variety and also has an interest in political essay, and op-ed writing. Sauter has been married for 30 years to Paul Sauter, a ceramics artist; they they have two grown daughters. They live in Oneonta, New York.

A Plastic Bag of Red Cells
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A Plastic Bag of Red Cells

Bright Hill Press

Poetry. A PLASTIC BAG OF RED CELLS is a prose poem in the voice, or scream, of the great unwashed of the late 1960s bleeding slowly into the dregs of the early 70s: the Vietnam vets to the middle-class rejects, the ordinary. It is not about the mov...

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