Author: Ellen Welcker

Ellen Welcker's obsessions include ecological desperation, boundaries real & imagined, and the concept of deep humanity as an animal state. Her first book, THE BOTANICAL GARDEN (Astrophil Press, 2010), was selected by Eleni Sikelianos for the Astrophil Poetry Prize in 2009. Chapbooks include Mouth That Tastes of Gasoline (alice blue books, 2014) and The Urban Lightwing Professionals (H_NGM_N, 2011). She lives in Spokane, WA, with her family and works for the Bagley Wright Lecture Series on Poetry.

The Botanical Garden
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The Botanical Garden

Astrophil Press

Poetry. Winner of the 2009 Astrophil Poetry Prize. Foreword by Eleni Sikelianos. "I feel so grateful to live in a world that has books such as THE BOTANICAL GARDEN. Lyric elegy, futuristic science fiction, aliens and whales, Oulipian listing. It is ...

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