Author: Mark Amerika

Mark Amerika is an American author and artist. Amerika received his MFA from Brown University. After publishing two cult-novels, The Kafka Chronicles and SEXUAL BLOOD, he turned his energy towards net art. His goal is to expand the concept of writing so that it includes writing in and with new media technologies. He is the founder of the Alt-X Online Network, one of the oldest online art and literary networks. Originally founded as a Gopher site by Amerika in late 1992, it features the art, fiction, poetry, and critical theory of over 500 international contributors. His most recent books are LOCUS SOLUS (Counterpath Press, 2014), META/DATA (The MIT Press, 2009), and 29 INCHES (Chiasmus Press, 2007).

Locus Solus
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Locus Solus

Counterpath Press

Fiction. Literary Nonfiction. Exactly a century ago, French author Raymond Roussel published Locus Solus. The book went on to influence some of the major figures of 20th century art and literature, including Marcel Duchamp, Alain Robbe-Grillet, John...

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