Author: Annie Rachele Lanzillotto

Annie Rachele Lanzillotto is a Bronx born poet, performance-artist, author, playwright, actor, director, songwriter, activist, cantastoria, whose stage presence has been called riveting and volcanic. Her work is inspired by the cacophonous opera of pushcart peddler street cries, the roots of theater in the agora, and the solo cantastoria in the piazza. She incorporates and puts metaphoric spins on iconic urban objects: the blue street corner mailbox, Spaldeens, the parking meter, traffic lights, block ice, casts of sewer caps. You can listen to her raw Bronx roar in Annie's Story Cave podcast, and her audiobooks on Visit,

Whaddyacall the Wind?
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Whaddyacall the Wind?

Bordighera Press

A poetic tarantella of the heart. Walk, tremble and fall in the Matriamia, cry for connection from alleyways up to open windows. Expose your heart. Know what it is to feel "like an errant puzzle piece... never to be found, never to be put into place...

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