Author: Paul Vangelisti and Dennis Phillips

Internationally known author of more than twenty books of poetry, editor and noted translator of Italian literature, Paul Vangelisti has not only staked his career on the transnational play of cultures but, as a first generation American, his mother immigrating to San Francisco directly from Lunigiana (Italy), he has lived the double identity of cultural translation and transmission.

Author of eleven books of poetry and a recent novel, Dennis Phillips' poetry has from the very start been concerned in revealing the interpenetration of the ancient and modern, involving the synthesis of history, myth and all that we mean by the complex idea of the 'polis.'

Mapping Stone
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Mapping Stone

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Literary Nonfiction. Poetry. Art. With the work of artists William Xerra and Courtney Gregg, and poets Dennis Phillips and Paul Vangelisti, MAPPING STONE explores the "statue stele" in the Lunigiana region of Italy. Dating from the third millennium ...

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