Author: John Digby and Hong Ai Bai

Hong Ai Bai, PhD in Linguistics, has been teaching at English and Foreign Language departments of Long Island University Post campus and the Communication Department of the University of Colorado Denver, International College Beijing. She has published a book, Deviation in Advertising Language: A Functional Analysis (2009), three English textbooks, and ten academic articles. As part of her interest in Chinese classical poetry, she and the English poet John Digby have published a series of translation on classic Chinese poems, A BREAK IN PASSING CLOUDS (2014), PASSING MEMORIES: A COLLECTION OF CHINESE POEMS ON COLD FOOD FESTIVAL (2016), CHINESE BIRD POEMS (2016), CHINESE EMPEROR POEMS (2017), CHINESE FLOWER POEMS (2017), FRAGILE KINGDOM: CHINESE INSECT POEMS (2018), and more. She has also been giving readings on Chinese poetry in various places, such as the Walt Whitman's Birthplace Museum, Hutton House Lectures of LIU Post, and the Long Beach Public Library. In addition, she has provided presentations at several international conferences on Chinese poetry translation.

John Digby is an English-born poet and collagist specializing in archival black-and-white pure paper collage in a great variety of styles from figurative to abstract. He is the author of six books of poetry and co-author of a seminal book on archival collage material and methods , The Collage Handbook (Thames and Hudson, 1985). More recently, he founded the Feral Press, an imprint of Prehensile Pencil Publications, publishing limited editions of poetry and prose illustrated in black-and-white (www.pp- For the past few years, he has been collaborating wih Hong Ai Bai on an extensive project devoted to English improvisation of classical Chinese poetry. From 2014, they published a series of books on various themes, such as Chinese Cold Food Festival, nature, horses, women, emperors, flowers, birds, and more.

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