Author: Carolyn Mary Kleefeld and Gaetano Cipolla

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld is an award-winning poet and artist, the author of 19 books, many of which have been used as inspirational texts in universities and healing centers worldwide and translated into Braille by the Library of Congress. Her writings have also been translated into Romanian, Bulgarian, Italian, Sicilian, Chinese, Bengali, and Korean. Her art has been featured in galleries and museums internationally.

Gaetano Cipolla, Professor Emeritus St. John's University, is the president of Arba Sicula and editor/publisher of Legas. Known for his knowledge and promulgation of Sicilian as a language, not a dialect, he has been dubbed "Mr. Sicilian" abroad. Winner of numerous awards, though in teaching retirement, he continues to biannually present Sicilian programs at St. John's and host an annual trip to Sicily for members of Arba Sicula.

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