Author: Amanda Ackerman

Amanda Ackerman is the author of the chapbooks The Seasons Cemented (Hex Presse), I Fell in Love with a Monster Truck (Insert Press Parrot #8), and Short Stones (Dancing Girl Press). She has co-authored Sin is to Celebration (House Press), the Gauss PDF UNFO Burns a Million Dollars, and the forthcoming novel Man's Wars And Wickedness (Bon Aire Projects). She is co-publisher and co-editor of the press eohippus labs. She also writes collaboratively as part of the projects SAM OR SAMANTHA YAMS and UNFO. Her book THE BOOK OF FERAL FLORA was published by Les Figues Press in 2015.

The Book of Feral Flora

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The Book of Feral Flora

Les Figues Press

Fiction. Poetry. Ecopoetics. Amanda Ackerman's THE BOOK OF FERAL FLORA collapses distinctions between narrative, poetry, and prose. Grafting stories to stones and written poems to plant rewrites generated via sensory-electronic technology, THE BOOK ...

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