Author: Daniel Gabriel

Daniel Gabriel's published work includes a novel (Twice a False Messiah), a short story collection (Tales From the Tinker's Dam), and hundreds of nonfiction articles, in addition to serving as editor for Punch at the Wild Tornado, a COMPAS anthology of student writing. Gabriel is also a lifelong vagabond traveler who has taken camelback, tramp freighter, and third class train through over 100 countries, many of them with his wife Jude and sons Alex and Evan. En route, he worked as an English teacher in Spain, an apple picker in the Alps, a sailor in Scandinavia and the West Indies, a publican in Wales, and a roadie for Sly & the Family Stone, among other endeavors. Gabriel holds an MA in Cross-Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and is currently statewide Arts Program Director for COMPAS.

Wrestling with Angels
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Wrestling with Angels

New Rivers Press

Fiction. A world traveler and vagabond, Daniel Gabriel draws inspiration from his global experiences, exploring collisions between countries, peoples, and even natural and supernatural occurrences. From Afghanistan and Malaysia to the streets and su...

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