Author: Jason Weiss

Jason Weiss was born and raised on the Jersey shore near Asbury Park and schooled in Berkeley; he spent the decade of the 1980s in Paris, and has lived in Brooklyn ever since. His most recent books are Always in Trouble: An Oral History of ESP-Disk', the Most Outrageous Record Label in America (2012), the translation Silvina Ocampo, selected poems (2015), and JASON WEISS, CLOUD THERAPY: A BOOK ABOUT SWIMMING (Talisman House, Publishers, 2015).

Cloud Therapy: a book about swimming
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Cloud Therapy: a book about swimming

Talisman House, Publishers

Literary Nonfiction. For over twenty-five years I have been going several times a week to swim laps in local pools. That's a lot of time with my head submerged, my thoughts left to wander and percolate. I had long been tempted to write about this in...

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