Author: Virgil and David Hadbawnik

Publius Vergilius Maro, known to us as Virgil (70 B.C.-19 B.C.), is best remembered for his masterpiece, the Aeneid, in which he represented the Emperor Augustus as a descendant of the half-divine Aeneas, a refugee from the fall of Troy and legendary founder of Rome. Virgil claimed on his deathbed that the Aeneid was unfinished and expressed a desire to have it burned, but it became the national epic of ancient Rome, a monument of Latin literature, and has been regarded as one of the great classics of Western literature ever since. Virgil's other works include the Eclogues and the Georgics, also considered masterpieces.

David Hadbawnik is a poet, translator, and medieval scholar. In 2012, he edited Thomas Meyer's Beowulf (Punctum Books), and in 2011 he co-edited selections from Jack Spicer's Beowulf for CUNY's LOST AND FOUND DOCUMENT SERIES; he has also published essays on Edmund Spenser and Geoffrey Chaucer. He is the editor and publisher of Habenicht Press and the journal kadar koli, a co-editor of eth press, which focuses on creative interactions with medieval texts, and associate director of punctum books.

Carrie Kaser grew up on the western slope of the Colorado Rockies and studied art at the Rhode Island School of Design, University of New Mexico, and University at Buffalo. Her artwork is grounded in her love of drawing and narrative and interest in the stillness and beauty of the natural world, untouched by human technology and infrastructure. Carrie's work has been shown nationally and internationally. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Aeneid: Books I-VI
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Aeneid: Books I-VI

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Poetry. Translated from the Latin by David Hadbawnik. Art by Carrie Kaser. David Hadbawnik's astonishing modern translation of the Aeneid has been appearing in excerpts in a number of US publications, but this is the first time that a sizeable group...

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