Author: Uzodinma Okehi

Uzodinma Okehi spent 2 years handing out zines on the subway. Wasn't as fun as he thought. His work has appeared in Pank, Hobart, Bartleby Snopes, among others. He has an MFA in writing from New York University. He lives in Brooklyn. His son is 8 yrs old, smiles a lot, (too much?), and will absolutely, cross you over and drain a jumper in your face.

Over For Rockwell
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Over For Rockwell

Short Flight/Long Drive Books

Fiction. They say it takes an average person about 10 years to master a given thing. This was my thinking in 1995 when I dropped out of college in Iowa City to draw comics. Because I'd seen a lot of movies, I figured Hong Kong was the place, so I we...

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