Author: Yuriy Tarnawsky

Yuriy Tarnawsky has authored some three dozen books of fiction, poetry, drama, essays, and translations in Ukrainian and English, including three volumes of interrelated mininovels (his own genre) THE PLACEBO EFFECT TRILOGY (JEF Books, 2013), the novel WARM ARTIC NIGHTS (JEF BOOKS, 2019), the novel THE IGUANAS OF HEAT, the novel Three Blondes and Death, and a volume of heuristic poetry Modus Tollens. His affinity for animals is well exemplified in many of his works including CROCODILE SMILES (JEF Books. 2020). He was born in Ukraine but was raised and educated in the West. An engineer and linguist by training, he has worked as computer scientist specializing in Artificial Intelligence at IBM Corporation as well as Professor of Ukrainian Literature and Culture at Columbia University. He lives with his wife Karina in the New York City metropolitan area.

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