Author: Bill Donlon and Dennis Foley, Editors

A lifelong Chicagoan, Dennis Foley is the author of a memoir, The Drunkard's Son, which received rave reviews from the Chicago media upon its release and is used in the curriculum at several Chicago-area high schools, and The Streets and San Man's Guide to Chicago Eats, a guidebook to Chicago's off-the-beaten-track eateries, which won the Midwest Independent Publishers Association Award-1st Place for Humor. Dennis holds an MFA in Fiction Writing from Columbia College-Chicago. He also wrote and helped produce Not A Stranger (2016), a feature film starring James Russo, which received a 3-star review from film critic Richard Roeper, who called it ". . . the epitome of an independent film." Not A Stranger is now making the rounds on the film festival circuit.

A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Bill Donlon is a civil engineer with the Veteran's Administration. A lover of the Arts, Bill reads everything he can get his hands on and also helps fund projects he believes in. Though he currently lives in Bloomington, Indiana, Bill spends a good deal of time in Chicago, mostly because of his beloved Cubs.

Foley and Donlon met years ago, during their college days in Memphis. "We met in the laundry room," Donlon said. "I was pulling my clothes out and Dennis was waiting to put his in. And when my clothes came out pink, Dennis had some choice words for me. We've been friends ever since." The twosome joined forces to mull through the submissions for the book, starting in early 2014. The 2.5-year process was well worth it. "Collecting quality stories from a bunch of writers is a lot like herding cats," Foley said. "But the end result made it worthwhile." "Dennis brings his Chicago perspective to the work and I bring an outsider's eye," Donlon said. "Sure, the stories in this collection are set in Chicago but no matter where a reader comes from, these are stories that everyone can relate to."

We Speak Chicagoese: Stories and Poems by Chicago writers
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We Speak Chicagoese: Stories and Poems by Chicago writers

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Fiction. Poetry. Literary Nonfiction. Edited by Bill Donlon and Dennis Foley. WE SPEAK CHICAGOESE features short stories, creative essays and poems about Chicago by some of the top literary voices to ever roam the Windy City's streets. And that voic...

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