Author: Farid Tali

Farid Tali was born in 1977. A French writer of Moroccan descent, his first book was a journal written in collaboration with Renaud Camus. It was called Incomparable (1999). His first solo work Prosopopée was published by Éditions P.O.L in 2001. Salim Jay, in his Dictionnaire des écrivains marocains [Dictionary of Moroccan Writers], writes that "on reading Tali, one thinks of those words by Nietzsche in Humain, trop humain: '…and life, at the very least, was not invented by morality…'" This is Tali's first appearance in the English language.

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Poetry. Middle Eastern Studies. LGBTQIA Studies. Translated from the French by Aditi Machado. "In lines so lush they verge on grotesque, the body and its beauty are rendered by Farid Tali. As 'render' means to depict but also separate flesh from its...

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