Author: Ellen Rothenburg

Since the early eighties, Ellen Rothenberg's work has been concerned with the politics of everyday life and the formation of communities through collaborative practices. Influenced by the social and political actions of the sixties—the civil rights, antiwar, and feminist movements—she began locating her work outside conventional institutional venues, shifting her performances and sculpture to the street, city parks, subway platforms and other public spaces, broadening the audience for her work. At the same moment, Rothenberg began to immerse herself in research, particularly feminist histories of labor and social action. Partnering with historians, forensic scientists, research librarians and archivists, she developed a practice that includes and recognizes intellectual workers and material fabricators in a nonhierarchical approach.

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Literary Nonfiction. Art. SHADOWED! confronts the slippage of time and action within Ellen Rothenberg's exhibition elsetime. Sweeping through the studio of Bertolt Brecht, Woodstock in the sixties, Berlin in the nineties, and the Syrian protests of ...

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