Author: Michela Zanarella

Michela Zanarella is a poet, playwright, and journalist for the FL International press, as well as an author for Periodico Italiano magazine and She is President of the association A. P. S. Ragunanze. Zanarella was awarded the first place international Creativity Prize in Naji Naaman's 2016 Literary Prizes. She is an ambassador for culture in the world and represents Italy in Lebanon for FGC. She also directs the Writers Capital International Foundation. Her poetry has been translated into English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Romanian, Serbian, Portugese, and Japanese.

Meditations in the Feminine
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Meditations in the Feminine

Bordighera Press

Poetry. Women's Studies. Art. Translated from the Italian by Leanne Hoppe. "Poems that fall into the canon somewhere between personal and pastoral, that draw the reader to challenge her ideas about what creates a voice, how nature connects to our se...

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