Author: Peter Dellolio

Italian-American Peter Dellolio is a poet, essayist and screenplay writer. He has been a contributing editor for NYArts Magazine, writing art and film reviews. He authored monographs on several new artists as well. He was co-publisher and editor-in-chief of Artscape2000, an award-winning art review e- zine. He has taught poetry and art for the LeAP expanded arts program in New York City. His paintings and 3D works are represented online. His latest book is A BOX OF CRAZY TOYS: 100 LIQUID LANDSCAPES (Xenos Books, 2018). He lives in Brooklyn.

A Box of Crazy Toys: 100 Liquid Landscapes
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A Box of Crazy Toys: 100 Liquid Landscapes

Xenos Books / Chelsea Editions

Poetry. Is it possible that anything you can conceive, with any combination of words, can, in the fullness of time, manifest itself materially? Some such thought will be prompted by the reading of any of the 100 liquid landscapes in Peter Dellolio's...

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