Author: Nabile Fares

Nabile Farès was born in Collo (Kabylia peninsula) in 1940. He was a teenager at the time of the student demonstrations and the reciprocal massacres (French forces and settlers versus the Algerians) which began the Algerian War (the war of independence, 1954-62). Farès's father sent him to France to study and to be safe. Nabile was one of the few Algerian students in Paris to choose to return to the struggle. He was on the east side of the Tunisian border where FLN (National Liberation Front and their army) camps operated when the war ended. Farès carried the manuscript of Yahia, Pas de chance, his first novel, through France and North Africa in his back pack. Yahia was published in 1970. Many Algerian writers saw the next years as a disappointment, then a betrayal. The victorious FLN became a one-party government, and a repressive one at that. The silencing of voices, an Arabization policy (Berbers are not Arabs), the discouragement of the French language, corruption, cronyism, authoritative Islam, and the receding of traditional (Berber) feminine roles are among the exactions that drove Mohammed Dib, Assia Djebar, Rachid Boudjedra, Farès and Kateb Yacine among others into exile. Worst was a collusion with neocolonial business interests (sharply outlined in A PASSENGER FROM THE WEST), and, as a dark corner within the arch of this French shadow, the adoption of French torture techniques against insurgents. All this kept most writers some of whom, like Farès, could no longer publish in Algeriain France. Most of this group died in the exile that became an indelible mark of their work (particularly Farès's novels and poetry). Farès died in Paris in August, 2016.

A Passenger from the West
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A Passenger from the West

Dialogos / Lavender Ink

Fiction. Literary Nonfiction. Translated by Peter Thompson. In 1970, Nabile Farès was asked to interview James Baldwin for Jeune Afrique magazine, an experience which set in motion A PASSENGER FROM THE WEST. What begins in this book as an interview ...

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