Author: Aby Kaupang and Matthew Cooperman

Aby Kaupang is the author of NOS (DISORDER, NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED) (Futurepoem, 2018) and Disorder 299.00 with Matthew Cooperman (Essay Press, 2016), LITTLE "G" GOD GROWS TIRED OF ME (Spring Gun, 2013), ABSENCE IS SUCH A TRANSPARENT HOUSE (Tebot Bach, 2011), and Scenic Fences | Houses Innumerable (Scantily Clad Press, 2008). She holds Master's degrees in both Creative Writing and Occupational Therapy and lives in Fort Collins, where she served as Poet Laureate from 2015-17.

Matthew Cooperman is the author of, most recently, Spool, winner of the New Measure Prize (Free Verse Editions/Parlor Press, 2016), NOS (DISORDER, NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED) (Futurepoem, 2018) and Disorder 299.00 with Aby Kaupang (Essay Press, 2016), the text + image collaboration Imago for the Fallen World with Marius Lehene (Jaded Ibis Press, 2013), and other books. A professor of English at Colorado State University, he is also co-poetry editor for Colorado Review. He lives in Fort Collins with his wife, the poet Aby Kaupang, and their two children.

NOS (disorder, not otherwise specified)
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NOS (disorder, not otherwise specified)

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