Author: Thomas Mundt

Thomas Mundt is the author of the short-story collections (INTENTIONALLY BLANK) (Tolsun Books, 2019) and You Have Until Noon To Unlock The Secrets Of The Universe (Lady Lazarus Press, 2011). Representative work can be found in places like Wigleaf, Split Lip Magazine, The Austin Review, Cheap Pop, Four Chambers, Prick of the Spindle, among others. He lives in Chicago.

(Intentionally Blank)
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(Intentionally Blank)

Tolsun Books

Fiction. Short Stories. The characters that inhabit the twenty-two stories comprising (INTENTIONALLY BLANK) are missing something. In some cases, it's the punchline. In others, it's someone who cares. In every instance, it's the point. It's as if th...

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