Author: Gwyn Conger Steinbeck and Douglas Brown

Gwyn (originally Gwendolyne) Conger Steinbeck was born in 1916. Her forbears had been wealthy, and she met John Steinbeck in Hollywood, where she had gone looking for work. She was a night club singer, film extra and staff singer on CBS. She sang at the 1938(?) San Francisco Exposition, which led Steinbeck to pursue her again after an initial affair. They criss-crossed the USA and married in New Orleans in 1943 when he was forty and she just twenty-six, but he left her unannounced for Europe where he was a war correspondent. Gwyn bore two children, Thom and John Junior. The marriage deteriorated after John Junior was born. His father largely ignored him and wished Gwyn to be totally at home, while he himself was frequently away and increasingly remote from his sons. Following a gift from her husband of a Hammond organ Gwyn composed songs, but despite a demonstration disc, was forbidden to explore their publication as her husband hated any form of competition. Gwyn took their sons to Nevada and divorced John Steinbeck in 1948 on the grounds of incompatibility, the only grounds he would accept. She moved later from New York to Palm Springs, where she lived until moving to Boulder, Colorado, late in life. She never remarried and died in 1975, still loving her former husband.

Doug Brown (1939- 1997) was born in England, where he received a degree in journalism from the University of London. After serving in the Royal Air Force, he moved to the US and became the editor of The Palm Springs Desert Post and the art editor of Sand to Sea Magazine. He also worked as a feature writer and columnist. He authored two books and had his own radio show.

My Life With John Steinbeck
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My Life With John Steinbeck

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Literary Nonfiction. Women's Studies. Memoir. For the first time the story of John Steinbeck's forgotten second wife, unmentioned in standard editions of his classics such as The Grapes of Wrath. Their 1943 war-time marriage ended when she divorced ...

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